Manmade Devrais

The outline of the manmade devrai is created for a land of 1 acre (200 ft long and 200 ft wide) which is divided into square grids of 10×10 ft, creating approximately 400 squares. At the centre of the land is a 20×20 ft bamboo hut, adjacent to which is a 20×20 ft pond of water. On the remaining area, a sapling is planted in each square of the grid. The same species of saplings are planted in four adjacent squares so that they grow well with each other’s support. In this manner, 119 different native species of small and big trees, vines and shrubs are included in the plan. 515 saplings of these native species are selected and planted in the land in a manner that they will grow properly. The drip system of irrigation is used and saplings are watered 2-3 times a week for half an hour and a compound is built around the land for protection.
Such manmade devrais have many advantages, some of which are stated below.

  1. A library of trees is created. A library has sections and a map to facilitate finding a book. Similarly saplings are planted into the grids and these grids are numbered, making it easy to find and study various species of saplings. Instead of having to read about species in books, one can go and study their fruits, flowers, leaves and trunk physically. This will also strengthen the bonding with and understanding of nature.
  2. The devrai will provide a constant seed bank which can help create saplings for the entire region or zhila each year.
  3. Seed dispersal through air, birds, bees and butterflies will be facilitated, which can help recreate forests and vegetation.
  4. The positive energy in the devrai is 750 as opposed to 350 in other places. It is a great place to meditate, celebrate birthdays, christening ceremonies, village meetings etc.
  5. It is also a great place for agro-tourism and acts as an oxygen bank of sorts. It provides shelter for many living beings along with the basic necessities of food and water. Soil erosion and air pollution are also prevented.
    In this way, manmade devrais are the need of the hour and also provide a direction for the increase in vegetation around the world. Those who wish to create their manmade devrais are given the devrai plan along with free saplings. They are guided all along the way. Until now 36 manmade devrais have been raised in and outside Maharashtra. The survival rate of saplings is 99%.
    On the occasion of India’s 75th Independence Day, there was an aim to create 75 manmade devrais. A major chunk of this goal has been achieved and welcomed with immense support.

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